The colour of the lens you receive may appear slightly different to the image shown on our website, once applied to the eye. The images on our website are for illustrative purposes only. We make every effort to ensure the colours displayed are accurate, but we are unable to guarantee complete accuracy due to the varied colours of the natural eye therefore, you will need to take into consideration the natural color of your eye before making a purchase. All the measurements, weights, capacities and dimensions stated on our website remain accurate.

The website provides general information on products we retail/trade and on eye care. This information is intended to provide guidance only. The information does not  provide eye specialist or medical advice. Prior to making a purchase from our website customers should consult an appropriate eye specialist for advice and suitability of wearing lenses. By making a purchase from our website the customer accepts they have consulted an appropriate eye specialist and been assessed for the suitability of wearing cosmetic and/or prescription lenses. The customer agrees to immediately discontinue using lenses purchased from Kannai Lenses if they experience pain or irritation of the eye and must consult an eye specialist for advice. Kannai Lenses accept no responsibility or liability to the customer for their lack of or overall suitability to wear contact lenses or damage or injury caused by any of our products and this remains solely the customers decision. 


For prescription lenses the customer accepts all of the above and the following: 1) The customer has undergone a recent eye examination and holds a valid prescription provided to them by their eye specialist. 2) The customer is responsible for selecting/entering the correct prescription as provided to them by their eye specialist on our website.