Are the lenses safe to use? 

Yes, our lenses are safe to use, as they are KFDA and FDA approved and compliant with International Medical Standards. However, we still recommend you have your eyes checked by an eye specialist, to ensure your eyes are suitable to wear contact lenses before making a purchase.

Other safety advice includes NOT wearing your lenses when sleeping.

Try not to wear the lenses for more than 8 hours a day.

How do I maintain my lenses?

You will need to use soft sterile solution to look after your lenses, this can be purchased from any local pharmacy or eye care specialist. 

Soak the lenses in the soft sterile solution, by placing them in the lens case provided by Kannai Lenses or other lens case you may have. Change your solution every other day to gain maximum benefits from the lenses. It is important to keep your lenses clean to ensure the life of the lenses and help maintain good eye health.

Kannai Lenses do not sell or provide the sterile solution.

How long do prescription orders take?

Prescription lenses are pre-order only and can take upto 5-6 weeks to be delivered.